Frequently asked questions

How often can I use your products on my plants?

Water your plants once a week with the Liquid Gold mixture to get the best results. Our fertilisers are organic, which means that you cannot burn your plant roots and foliage by giving them too much worm tea, like with chemical fertilisers.

How do I mix Liquid Gold?

You mix one part Liquid Gold with 3 parts water. Use this as a soil drench by pouring the mixture over the soil for root uptake.

How do I mix Black Gold?

You mix Black Gold with soil in your garden, for your plants to get optimal nutrition.

Is it safe to have your products in my home and garden?

Yes, organic fertiliser does not contain chemicals and is safe for both humans and animals.

Can our organic fertilizer also be used for marijuana?

Yes, organic fertiliser is rich in micronutrients that plants depend on to survive.

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